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We help Brands navigate the e-commerce platforms like Amazon and other e-commerce sites to improve the company's image with compelling listings, consistent pricing, and powerful advertising. We manage all this while also controlling the supply chain, maximizing distributor profitability and ensuring genuine products reach an ever-expanding customer base. Through our partnership, we work hand in hand with you to make the e-commerce experience easy and financially rewarding for both your online and brick and mortar stores. This is what sets us apart from other third party sellers.  







Complete Control of your Brand on Amazon

We’ll lock your title, images, bullet points, and product descriptions so no unknown sellers can change or add new listings to your Amazon platform without your explicit consent.

You won’t have to worry about counterfeit items or unauthorized sellers anymore.

We’ll remove negative product reviews that are hurting your brand.

You’ll never sell below MAP again.

We’ll run control and split tests (A/B tests) based off price, keywords, and listing content.

Selling on Amazon will feel like you’re selling on your own website with total control.

Marketing /Customer Engagement

Add a new customer base to your brand while still retaining the core customers. 

Directly Advertise on and convert competitor listings into customer magnets for your products. 

Profitably advertise through Amazon’s PPC system.

Find new keywords to rank your product higher on Amazon’s search engine.

Build a complete marketing system with no holes.

Expand Globally and reach a broader audience.